OPTK Networks® is excited to be celebrating Mark Shaw’s 10-year work anniversary with the Team! What better way to celebrate 10 years than with 10 questions answered from the staff (and a food truck)?!

10 Questions for 10 Years – Celebrating Mark Shaw’s Work Anniversary

What is something that you would say is unique to the way Mark leads the team/company?

Even though he’s a busy CEO he will take the time to meet with you and spend the time to talk. – David Darling, Network Architect

How has Mark helped you in your career progression?

By being an excellent mentor and coach. Providing resources and tools such as training and leadership development. – Krista Rice, Controller/ HR

What is something you enjoy about working at OPTK Networks?

It’s a Nebraska Company supported by Nebraska employees. Our customers get a service and support experience that is second to none. – Jay Anderson, Strategic Account Executive

I love the fact that we have a great culture and take time to go out as a group and have a few drinks every now and then. I also love that upper management notices when someone is doing a good job and will let you know on a personal level that they appreciate what you do and that you are doing a good job. – Chris Stittle, OSP Manager

How would you describe Mark’s work ethic?

Mark leads by example. He is always in early and is willing to do whatever is needed to make the company successful. – Don Uhrmacher, Senior NOC Consultant

What lessons have you learned from Mark?

He has provided insight on all sorts of events from his career that has helped me to avoid many mistakes. – Tim Smith, Director of Solutions Engineering

How do you think Mark will help OPTK Networks grow in the future?

Mark’s analytical thought process. If Mark continues to have a clear path and thought process of thinking it through with the information he has in front of him is what will make the company grow.  – Jason Axthelm, VP of Business Development 

Do you have a favorite memory or experience with Mark (work related or not)?

During our shutdown for COVID there was only a handful of us in the office. Mark brought coffee in to the few that were not sick. When he delivered it to me, we started our 1:1; I was a new manager at the time. Normal 1:1’s last about an hour… this one lasted like six hours. Heck, I think we both missed other meetings. I learned a lot about him that day. – Jesse Skolnik, Network Engineering Manager

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard from Mark?

Argue from your happy place. Win or lose, it is way more fun that way. – Jesse Skolnik, Network Engineering Manager

What was your first impression of Mark?

I just remember my first time meeting him was during my interview. I felt special that the CEO was taking the time to interview an engineer. – David Darling, Network Architect

Is there anything you’d like to say to Mark for his 10-year anniversary?

Here’s to another 10 years! – Don Uhrmacher

I’m glad you decided to stick around for 10 years! – Jason Axthelm

A 10-year anniversary is cool and all…but I really want to see a 20-year anniversary, so you’re stuck for another 10 years! – Jesse Skolnik

Congratulations, here’s to 10 more years. – David Darling

Thanks for hanging in here during the tough times and sticking with us. – Jay Anderson

I would like to say congrats on making it this far in leading our company and I look forward to the great things we will accomplish going forward with him running the show! – Chris Stittle

Congratulations on 10 wonderful years and I hope there are many more as this place wouldn’t be the same without you. – Tim Smith

Congratulations on your 10th work anniversary! Your expertise and willingness to lead is a big part of the success at OPTK Networks®, and you deserve this recognition. Looking forward to many more great years! – Krista Rice

Over the last 10 years, with 6 as the CEO, Mark has shown what it means to be a team leader at OPTK. We’re grateful to have a leader such as himself who embodies what OPTK stands for. 10 years is a great accomplishment, Mark! We want to let you know that we appreciate what you’ve done for OPTK so far and look forward to what you’ll continue to do!

Congratulations from the OPTK Team!

About OPTK Networks:

OPTK Networks has been providing fiber optic network services in the Midwest for the past ten years. Year after year, we have been able to aggressively gain new clients due to our customer focus and network reliability. OPTK Networks is pleased to offer high-speed Internet access throughout the state, including rural regions. OPTK Networks provides the following services:

  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Wavelength Service
  • Dark Fiber
  • Customer Fiber Builds
  • Dedicated Internet Access (Dedicated Business Internet)

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