Over the last 10 years, we have provided customers with exceptional reliability, company dependability, and first-class customer service. We began by building a state-of-the-art fiber-based network in Nebraska and as our network has evolved and expanded, so have the areas we serve. 

While our name has changed, our core values have not. Nebraska will always be where we started and we will always remain true to our Midwestern values. 
OPTK Networks® provides diverse, robust, and innovative technological solutions, for your communication needs.



Enabling businesses & connecting them to the world.
We make things easy for you
Our network was built to expand and change
Specifically designed for new data needs


We are in this together

Customer Care

Dedicated to providing first-class customer service


We find solutions and keep our promises


Our number one asset, our TEAM


Exceeding Expectations


We always do the right thing



Mark Shaw

Krista Rice
Director of Accounting & Finance

Seth Burney
Director of Sales

Matt Dannehl
Director of Operations



3900 NW 12th Street
Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68521


Current positions available:

OPTK Networks, is always looking for great people to join the team. This is because we believe that people are our greatest asset.

Please apply by sending a cover letter and resume to careers@optk.com.  

IT Systems Administrator

We currently have an opening for an IT Systems Administrator at OPTK Networks. The IT Systems Administrator is responsible for the management, coordination, and implementation of various processes that contribute to the function of the organization in the areas of information technology, data security, training facilities, and computer equipment. They are also responsible for remaining current on existing and emerging technology including those related to Telecommunications.

Solutions Engineer

OPTK Networks is looking for a Solutions Engineer who is passionate about leveraging technology to provide better connectivity throughout the communities we serve and beyond. This position must have a desire to develop a solid understanding of what products and services OPTK Networks offers. This knowledge will help establish and maintain relationships internally or externally.


Network Technician

The Network Technician is responsible for monitoring network stability and customer circuits for OPTK Networks. The ideal candidate should be comfortable with being the next level technical support consultant and capable of triaging a situation based on the needs of the customer and/or network. When not troubleshooting an issue, the Network Technicians primary responsibility will be to facilitate the continued growth of the network, without compromising its integrity.

Sales Manager

                OPTK Networks is looking for a Sales Manager who will exceed sales growth goals and objectives. A major focus of the position is to develop professional sales training and best practices to drive sales team to achieve sales objectives by building a culture and sales team that will inspire customers to work with OPTK Networks. The ideal candidate is passionate about giving the customer the best experience possible and ensures their team does the same. This position must have a desire to develop strong team relationships, maintain and follow strategic sales processes and oversee that sales move through to completion. This position is vital to the overall sales team success, maintaining and increasing revenues for the company.