Internet Access

Offering the highest performance, most reliable, and the best customer service, so you can stay connected.
BGP availability/multiple sessions on one port
IPv4 and IPv6 support
Link Aggregation for protected port delivery
Delivery of Internet into an E-LAN configuration

Internet service when you can’t afford to be offline



High resiliency & reliability.
Local, first-class, 24/7 support.
100% of your selected bandwidth.

bandwidth is dedicated, not shared.


service and sites can be upgraded and/or added very quickly.

Multiple upstream access locations.

Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Lincoln, Omaha, Minneapolis.

Online Customer Portal.
Additonal Services Offered: colocation, managed router, managed security, & more.


Service Providers

We provide carrier grade Internet service to those who provide Internet to others. We are directly peered to all of the major sites to ensure we are delivering the shortest paths available. We also house dedicated cache servers on our local backbone.

Here are some of our top partners:








Amazon Web Services*

*Caching server located directly on our network.


Offering the highest performance, most reliable, and the best customer service, so you can stay connected.

Ethernet Product Features and Options: 

Dedicated fiber to your location(s).

Custom network design for your company.

Diverse entry, path, and equipment options.

Extremely low latency.

Scalable from 10Mbps to 100Gbps from two sites to 100+ sites.

First-class local, dedicated 24/7 support, and service.

Connected to over 24 primary data centers and carrier hotels in the region.

Network built to deliver MEF stand services – E-LINE (EPL and EVPL) and EVP-LAN.

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Hotels, Data Centers, Wireless Carriers…if it requires high data transfer capacity, we can handle it.
Bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Low latency, jitter, and MTTR.

High availability.

Massive state-wide footprint.

Short quote turn-around time frame.

Dedicated Wholesale team to provide the level of service you deserve.


Flexible optical transport solutions (1 GigE to 100 GigE & OTU 2 to 4).

Larger bandwidth needs with fewer provider networking elements.

Direct access to any one of the 24+ data centers in our region.

Access to over 10,000 miles of fiber.

Dark Fiber

Carrier Hotels, Data Centers, Wireless Carriers…
we provide high capacity data transfer.

Long-term Indefeasible Right to Use (IRU) or medium/short-term fiber lease.

Single strand to high count fiber solutions.

Optional proactive monitoring and fault detection.

Different levels of service provider involvement are available depending on region or colocation needs along fiber route.

Unique routes from Nebraska to the major regional markets including Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and more.


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).

Quad route protection.

Direct Peering with the nation’s top content providers – fully peered in IPv4 and IPv6.

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