Dark Fiber – What is it? Simply put, dark fiber is unlit fiber optic cable. We place our fiber in the ground but there are aerial and under water options as well – if you’re not afraid of heights or happen to be a scuba diving enthusiast. One thing we love about dark fiber is that there’s so much unlimited potential. Whether a business wants to connect their servers privately or has a need for extremely high bandwidth – Dark Fiber is a newer and dependable option.

There are many reasons why a business would use dark fiber. For example, interconnection between office locations, data center connectivity, educational institutions, and government agencies could all benefit from dark fiber’s high security and customer control. Dark fiber also allows for a customizable private network connection with the potential for extremely low latency. This starts with a customer receiving a pair of dark fibers (or more) from OPTK Networks®. From there, the customer has complete control over the equipment used to transfer the dark fiber to a lit service, the route, and the data that is pushed through. This is a great option for those who are looking for unlimited bandwidth, maximum security, future proofing, and a need for massive amounts of data transfer.

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OPTK Networks’ vast fiber network provides the diversity needed throughout the Midwest. One of our unique dark fiber routes goes from Omaha, NE to Denver, CO. Starting at 1623 Farnam St., this carrier-neutral data center is strategically located near Google’s new data center in Papillion. This offers a natural gateway to the cloud providers largest North American Node. For now, this route terminates at 910Telecom, another neutral data center housed in the classic Denver Gas & Electric Building.
With 700+ miles of fiber along this route and many colocation facilities, that are often overlooked, there is undeniable reliability and diversity. And the best part…there is room for future growth!

Currently OPTK Networks has over 10,000 route miles of fiber, 125+ connections to Serving Wire Centers with connectivity to Omaha, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago and many more. OPTK’s fiber optic network was built to expand and change. We’d love the chance to quote your company for both Dark Fiber and Lit service options.

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