There is no doubt that our Engineers and Technicians play a pivotal role in the development, maintenance, and growth of our network. At OPTK Networks®, we have three main types of highly skilled engineers that we’d like to highlight and give a special “shout out” to. These three areas cover a variety of disciplines, including connectivity, technical services, and customer support.

Network Engineers:

Network Engineers and Technicians at OPTK focus on building our infrastructure for the future. “We are constantly trying to grow and plan our network to support ever-expanding customer needs to support bandwidth and reliability requirements.”- Evan Dermer, Network Engineer. This includes planning and implementing new equipment, troubleshooting, and network augmentation builds.

Furthermore, they also work with the local government to receive permits that allow for construction and to put more fiber in the ground. Once in the ground, “we design and light the fiber strands using DWDM equipment which allows us to put packet switching gear in place and turn up new customers.” – Jesse Skolnik, Operations Manager.

Field Engineers:

Our Field Engineers and Technicians are responsible for all things fiber optic. Their job is to design, implement, and maintain the physical fiber-optic network (OPTK consists of 10,000+ miles of fiber optic cable). “The Field Engineer monitors and tests complex telecommunications facilities and equipment in our network and provides technical advice regarding networking.” – Micah Crane, Senior Field Engineer.

Field engineers are also responsible for facilitating new construction, new internal builds to customers, and designing the route our fiber paths take in a way that maximizes possible future expansion projects. “Our field engineers are instrumental in the growth of OPTK in many facets from how our network is built to the relationships they create and keep with customers and the entities we work with to serve those customers.”- Chris Stittle, OSP Manager.

When not out in the community, field engineers work directly with general contractors and state and local governmental entities to oversee construction to ensure that safety is maintained. This allows for relationships to be built and for smooth functionality in all projects.

Solutions Engineers:

Solutions Engineers assist our customers with their network design by leveraging our network and providing cost-effective solutions to meet their needs. By taking the time to understand the status of our customer’s network, and goals associated with their project, we can cultivate and maintain relationships with our customers even after each project is completed. This keeps our solutions engineers prepared for when the next situation presents itself to discuss new product offerings or network advice to our prospects and customers.

“We continue to work with our customers to provide insight on how OPTK is growing and make them aware of new products & services as they become available that might benefit their team.” – Tim Smith, Director of Solutions Engineering. With an ever-changing environment and constantly evolving technology, providing this level of customer experience and support allows for quicker deployment for future needs.


Our Network, Field, and Solutions Engineers provide the technical insight and support needed to assist OPTK Networks with its growth and success. If you’re interested in learning more about joining our engineers, click here: