Partnership will Improve Libraries’ Internet Connection

“Connecting to the fiber network will give library customers much faster Internet service on wireless devices and on in-library computers,” Mayor Beutler said.  “We are especially excited about how this will benefit Lincoln Public Schools as the District moves forward with providing tablets and other technology for students.  The fiber connections will provide better wireless Internet for students outside of school.  This partnership will help prepare our students for the workforce of tomorrow.  I want to thank NebraskaLink, our excellent library system and the PSC for making this project possible.”

mayor beutler

Mayor Beutler

Jason Axthelm

Jason Axthelm

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NebraskaLink was formed through a partnership of seven Nebraska Telecommunications companies to provide broadband transport services across Nebraska. NebraskaLink’s mission is to promote economic growth in the public and private sectors by offering competitive pricing, diversified routing, and redundant facilities to local carriers, ISPs, and public and private institutions.


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