OPTK Networks® is excited to offer this special promotion running NOW through April 1st, 2022. This promotion includes some of the most reputable Data Centers on our Nebraska-based fiber network.

This promotion is characterized by an extremely aggressive ethernet transport rate and provides unbeatable disaster recovery and security for your data transport needs. What exactly does this look like?


Extremely Aggressive Rate

If you’re looking for a new ethernet circuit, or you happen to already have fiber acquired throughout this route, our extremely aggressive rate is sure to sweeten the package. This is a great alternative to other national fiber carriers’ routes and is a cost-effective way for you to extend the reach of your fiber network.


Disaster Recovery

Diverse fiber routes are a necessity to many who are searching for new or additional fiber paths to data centers. With routes throughout Omaha and all of Nebraska, that have capabilities up to 100 G (with 98% of our fiber being underground) this makes for a unique and unbeatable disaster recovery route.

With options for remote access, we can help provide visibility to your data transport and circuits in case of a disaster. These circuits can be designed to be diverse from other providers and allow for complete visibility to your network.


Security for Pop-to-Pop

On a similar note, this promotion between the qualifying Points of Presence (POPs) offers many redundant fiber path options. Paths between these POPs are on an enclosed system that doesn’t go over the open internet. This takes away the ability for anyone to get into your circuit. Having this diversity and redundancy in our fiber network offers a higher level of security between the high-bandwidth facilities.


We’d love the chance to position your business for success through this special promotion! Feel free to reach out to learn more about the extremely aggressive pricing that we’re offering for a limited time on these highly reputable Pop-to-Pop locations throughout Nebraska!


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