In 2018 OPTK Networks® completed a full fiber loop around Omaha, NE called the Omaha Dark Fiber Ring – or the Omaha Dark Fiber Loop.

The Omaha Ring was created because we saw an opportunity to develop a diverse route that would provide access to the Omaha metro area. As the original asset that OPTK built in Omaha, this transformed into the connection from Omaha to Lincoln. With traffic egressing in and out of the metro area, customers can take advantage of many benefits – including reliable communications. The image below shows a detailed map of the Omaha Ring where you can see the 10 Data Centers along the route. While it may resemble Connect the Dots, this ring has intentionality and major benefits behind it.

The Omaha Ring was designed to be large enough for customers to be able to utilize the dark fiber. The 10 Data Centers mentioned earlier have optimal access to this loop and its dedicated network. If needed, we’re able to connect data centers to data centers on a secure path without any problem at all. In addition to the dark fiber and data centers, this route provides access to national carriers and internet providers. There is a high level of network redundancy and diversity for those who utilize this loop (data centers or customers utilizing access to the data centers). Meaning there is no single point of failure on this route. For example, if a fiber were to get hit, the data would instinctively travel in a different direction and still reach the same endpoint. This would happen so quickly (sub 50 milliseconds) you wouldn’t even have time to notice that something happened. The redirect is practically instantaneous!

Plans for expanding our routes with additional diversity and reliability are in the works. Not to mention the ability to supply both lit and dark service options, we believe we are the best choice for partnering with your company. Having connectivity to 10 data centers along this route, we have 10G and 100G services available at a moment’s notice.

We’d love the chance to quote your company and assist in positioning your business for success!

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